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Dear Affiliate partners,


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I’m contacting you on behalf of Novel City Chamber of Innovation in regards to partnering with your organization to promote NOVELDAY 2020, which will be a virtual innovation event taking place on Veteran’s Day, Wednesday November 11th. 

Since 2012, NOVELDAY has been our signature event that has positively impacted innovators, entrepreneurs and other innovation ecosystem stakeholders. 

Our organization essentially functions as a chamber of commerce for the innovation ecosystem which includes 

Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Incubators, Coworking Spaces, Accelerators, consultants within the Knowledge-based industries including;

  • Media
  • Research
  • Education
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Technology


We also partner with Economic Development Organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Resource Networks and Foundations. 


That’s said, we’d like to partner with you to make NOVELDAY 2020 another great success and this year we are offering a generous affiliate program that will allow your organization to profit share on all of our ticket sales, membership and sponsorship sales. We believe that through this partnership we will be able to enhance your service offerings while lightening your workload! Think of Novel City as your innovation committee solely focused on value creation for your organization and the community that you serve. Partnering on NOVELDAY 2020 will be a great trial run for developing a long term effective working relationship. 


The theme of this year’s event will be focused on Profit Maximization which we believe will be in very high demand this coming November as startups and small businesses continue to seek assistance with navigating through this pandemic. We are also offering attendees an opportunity to get free access to the Novel Professional Accelerator which has a $7200 value that will only add value to our partnership. 


Lastly, we are also offering NOVELDAY 2020 sponsorship opportunities at the $2500, $1000 and $500 levels which comes with a variety of opportunities to give your organization and members/affiliates additional exposure! 


To make this partnership happen we can take credit card over the phone for event ticket sales, membership or sponsorship. And don’t forget our partnership includes your organization becoming a NOVELCITY Affiliate so that you can earn a substantial percentage of event, membership and sponsorship sales. November 11th is fast approaching so let’s get started today! 


Additional ways to purchase event tickets, memberships and sponsorships: 


The event website is


The membership website is


Access to Novel Professional Accelerator 

Event Sales Script 
1. Focus on Value of the theme: Profit Maximization 
2. Focus on the Value of Keynote Speakers and other subject matter experts within the Novel City network
3. Small investment-Big returns (Opportunity to Access NOVELDAY 2020+Novel Professional Accelerator + Novel City Chamber Membership for only $58 per month) Limited time offer (Video Sales Letter is located at Click Decision Makers Only Button 
4. Free Tickets with opportunity to Become a Member at a huge discount!
5. Direct customers to event website yourself with all of the tabs, videos etc) 
6. Target business incubators, economic development organizations, chambers of commerce, colleges/business schools/students/faculty, entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals. (Industries: media, research, education, law, finance and technology 


Sponsorship Sales
7. There’s also an opportunity for organizations to become a sponsor at $2500, $1000 & $500 level. Click on Sponsors tab at and download the Sponsorship Packet 

Membership Sales Script 
1. Direct them to membership benefits found on Click Members to view the different membership levels 
2. Focus on the value of our novel network, education opportunities and resources for innovation ecosystem stakeholders. (The list of these stakeholders is on the Home page at



Thanks for Your Support.

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