Profit Maximization

Virtual Event

We hope all is well. Unfortunately we are going to have to postpone our November 11th event due to unforeseen circumstances. NOVELDAY has been supported by the City of Kansas City, Missouri since 2012. The event has always been an in-person event. Unfortunately we were contacted late last week by the funding committee and informed that our contract does not allow us to execute the contract with a virtual format. With only 3 weeks until the event it will be impossible to make the adjustment to an in-person event and therefore we’ve decided to postpone the event until 2021. 

Thank you again for your interest and support. We definitely will follow up with you as we regroup and plan for 2021.  

We will leave the registration link active and
we encourage you all to register so that we have 
you in our database for updates.  We also encourage you to 
become a member or an affiliate of Novel City
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All the best, stay safe and we'll connect soon!

JOIN US for a FREE Event on Veteran's Day, Wednesday November 11, 2020! 

11am CST - 2pm CST


Novel City Chamber of Innovation celebrates its' 5th NOVELDAY with NOVELDAY 2020: 


Maximizing Profit Virtual Conference featuring...


  -  Mario Arrizon, Founder of Arrizon Heirarchy


  -  Dennis Hodges, Founder of Creatalyst


  -  Alfred Taren, Founder, Genius Ventures


  -  Aaron Fulk, (Master of Ceremony)

     CEO, Founder Lillian James Creative!


*Due to the pandemic this year's event will take place virtually...

  • This year's conference will be solely focused on

    Profit Maximization and

    keeping your business

    in the black!

    For a small yet POWERFUL investment

    of your time you can realize 

    EXPONENTIAL returns!

  • LEARN, novel ways to change the way you observe the profitability of your business

  • GAIN, novel insights about how to dramatically decrease the probability of missing out on profitable business opportunities!

  • ACCESS, a novel profit maximization  business model that will put your business and profit generation  on autopilot!